something about me:

I believe that Jesus Christ is alive and might enough to forgive my sins.

Studied at University of West Bohemia, graduated in Distributed systems.

Linux user since 1995 (kernel 1.1.59, Slackware 2.1), now on CentOS and Fedora, CLI preffered, some scripting skills (bash).

Over 20 years working in mining company, most of the time building the network.

Once upon a time (asked by coworker to show IP address and switch location of a new connected device) started to write network revealing software named nana.

Big fan of IPv6 (made +1000 workstations dual stacked) but limited by one network. If I can help deploy IPv6 somewhere, it would by my pleasure.

Enjoying play with time synchronization - NTP and PTP recently. My employer allowed me to run NTP pool server. Not long ago I discovered chrony and switched to it from ntpd (Official Reference Implementation).

In 2019 I started to participate in Czech translation of the game The Battle for Wesnoth. See a background of this in Czech.

contact: lachim (you know what)